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Who We Are...  

   Established in 1962, Mentor Co-Operative Preschool has fulfilled the needs of many Lake County parents looking for an early learning and development program for their preschool age children. MCP is a cooperative preschool owned and operated by the Membership. The Membership consists of parents of currently enrolled students and Associate Members (past members that pay associate dues). With the parents’ involvement our school has been able to offer an affordable, high quality education with excellent, certified teachers for over 45 years!

MCP is operated strictly on tuition and fundraising.  We are not funded by the state. We are a non-profit, non-discriminatory cooperative organization. We are non-church affiliated. We are state licensed.

Our preschool program will help your child to learn to make new friends, to work and play with others, to adjust to new situations and to adapt to the daily routine of a regular classroom. Your child will be helped to reach these goals by allowing time for free choice, where your child will be able to develop his/her social awareness while utilizing both gross and fine motor skills.  He/She will socialize with peers, share toys, ideas, games and learn through the use of equipment, such as, puzzles, blocks, games and a variety of other educational materials.

Throughout the school year, circle time will be the time that the children are exposed to a variety of planned weekly units.  Some of the units will include numbers, letters, shapes, colors, self, family, seasons and holiday celebrations.  Activities will range from songs, finger plays and stories to hands-on baking and science experiments.  These activities will aid in intellectual development and social awareness.

The art program uses a variety of materials to encourage each child to develop his/her own creativity, to express himself/herself and to gain control over his/her small muscle coordination.

Our preschool program helps to make the transition from home to school easier.   It is designed to develop each child’s social awareness and to instill a positive curiosity for the world around them.  Parents of students and those interested in enrolling their child in our program are encouraged to visit our classroom with advance notice to our teachers.  This policy was established to provide an environment safe for the children.

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