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   Michelle has been with Mentor Co-Operative Preschool as a full-time teacher since 2010. We are very excited to have her!!

Mrs. Vanio has been actively involved with Mentor Co-Op for more than 12 years when she first enrolled her daughter, Sarah, as a 3-year old. "I sat in with Sarah during class time at all the local preschools. No other Preschool was as warm and welcoming as Mentor Co-Op! It was the positive preschool experience we were looking for," says Mrs. Vanio of her first impression of MCP. Two years later, she enrolled her son, Jake, as well.

While Mrs. Vanio’s children were enrolled at MCP, she was actively involved as a Board Member. Even after her children had “graduated”, she remained involved as a substitute teacher whenever she was needed. So it was a natural transition to become a permanent part of the Mentor Co-Op organization when she accepted the full time teaching position five years ago.  “I believe in Mentor Co-Op Preschool and the curriculum and solid foundation it provides for the children.  I am really excited to have this opportunity!!”

Mrs. Vanio graduated from Cleveland State University with a Bachelors Degree.  After she was married, she started a family and became a stay-at-home Mom for the next ten years.  During this time, she decided to pursue her Education interests’ further and attended Lakeland Community College.  In her course work, she was a Teachers Assistant at Rice Elementary.  She also completed an observational study on and worked with Autistic children at Headlands Elementary.  During the summer, she has worked with children enrolled in the Ohio Reads Program.

What is her favorite part of the day?  “Well, all of it!” she replies with a big smile.  We make sure they learn what they need, enjoy what they learn and leave with a sense of pride and accomplishment that will carry them much further than just their days at preschool.  I get to be a part of that each and every day.  What could be more rewarding than that?!” she asks with a grin and chuckle.  “Their smiles throughout the day are just icing on the cake!”

Mrs. Vanio’s life is very busy and fulfilling outside of MCP, too.  She has been married to her husband, Ron, for 19 years.  Her daughter, Sarah, 15, is in the 10th grade at Mentor High School. Her son, Jake, 13, is in the 7th grade at Ridge Middle School. Mrs. Vanio’s “free-time” always revolves around her family and watching their many activities!  Sometimes, her family gets to watch HER play softball!  It’s the one activity she says that she is actually surrounded by more adults than children!  “You need to have balance,” she winks.

In 2014, Mrs. Vanio became the head teacher and Administrator at Mentor Co-Operative Preschool. "I enthusiastically accept the responsibilities this role brings. I look forward to continue playing such a special role in these young children's lives and building a strong rapport with their parents. It's an exciting time in their lives. These children are important to all of us!"

When asked why she enjoys being a teacher so much, she enthusiastically replies, “Kids inspire me!  Life is simple: Have Fun!  And make sure you’re learning along the way!”


Leanna Ruff

Mentor Co-Operative Preschool is pleased to have Leanna Ruff join us as a teacher for the 2015-2016 school year!

Mrs. Ruff lives in Madison with her husband and their 9 month old daughter, Brooklyn. Her favorite things include family cookouts, running, and watching OSU football!

Mrs. Ruff says, "I'm so excited for this school year to start. I can't wait to meet all the new faces in the upcoming weeks!"